Monday, 5 March 2012

St. Benedict - 12 Degrees of Humility - SHORTER VERSION

IN SHORT, the 12 degrees of humility are these:

1. Always have the fear of God before your eyes & never forget it

2. Love God's will, not your own.

3. Be obedient to God and your superiors

4. Accept hardships with patience and endurance

5. Humbly confess all your sins to the priest

6. Be happy with having the worst of everything

7. Be happy not only saying but sincerely believing that you are the lowliest of all people

8. Do nothing except what is in the rule of the monks and in the example of elders

9. Do not speak unless asked to speak

10. Be not easily moved or brought to laughter

11. Speak gently, without laughter and with few words.

12. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, believe that you are a sinner and do not lift your eyes from the ground or from your work

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