Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Victory over Vice - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Victory over Vice is an excellent book by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Here are some useful points about the book:

1. As the title suggests, this short book of 114 pages tackles vice in terms of the 7 deadly sins.

2. The book dedicates one chapter to each of the 7 deadly sins.

3. From a self-help standpoint, Victory over Vice deals with our problems from an all-encompassing ("Catholic") view: our simple problems in daily life are not one-dimensional, but are linked to the 7 deadly sins.

4. Based on this, we realize that family problems, personal problems, productivity problems, work problems all have their root in the 7 deadly sins.

5. Contemporary self-help literature attempts to beat down the effect instead of strike at the roots of the problem. Archbishop Sheen strikes at the root of all our problems: sin (vice). This book is an excellent resource.
Victory Over Vice

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