Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Project Management - 24 steps to help you master any project - Gary R. Heerkens

1. Do not feel your way around - Understand the project manager's role
2. Do not do it all yourself - Build a solid team
3. Do not accept any solution - Understand the true need
4. Do not disregard return on an investment - Perform a financial analysis
5. Do not just "get going" - Conduct a formal kickoff
6. Do not stick to the original vision - Pause for reality checks
7. Do not simply "finish what you start" - Terminate unworthy projects
8. Do not "plunge into action" - Develop a logical plan
9. Do not pin down details - Leave room for learning
10. Do not manage individually - Understand team dynamics
11. Do not introduce processes as needed - Develop a configuration plan
12. Do not manage in splendid isolation - Manage all project stakeholders
13. Do not adjust targets as needed - Measure against a baseline
14. Do not adopt a "can-do" attitude - Be objective about threats
15. Do not let communication happen naturally - Actively manage communication channels
16. Do not optimize functional excellence - Optimize project excellence
17. Do not manage in the present - Consider post-project issues
18. Do not manage everything - Manage interfaces
19. Do not manage "outwardly" - Practice self-management
20. Do not hit basic project targets - Recognize multiple success metrics
21. Do not avoid documentation - Use documentation wisely
22. Do not reward heroes - Reward excellent term behaviours
23. Do not tie up loose ends - Maximize learning from closure
24. Do not move on when finished - Transfer your "lessons learned"
Project Management: 24 Steps to Help You Master Any Project (Mighty Managers Series)