Friday, 9 March 2012

HELP ITSELF - Help of persons versus Help of things

There is a difference between the help we receive from people and the help we receive from things.

Sometimes we remark, "That thing helped me a lot." Sometimes, things which are not people help us. The difference here is that the only reason a thing can help us is if we are given it by someone and if we use it in the proper way to our advantage. We call these things "tools".

When people help us, we do not use them, we cooperate with them because we respect the fact that they are also people who deserve dignity and respect. We will only cooperate with people who have a good intention and are helping us achieve something good. People are not tools to use; people are people to be respected and loved.

This extra dimension exists with people because we are the ones both giving and receiving help.

When we help ourselves, we are giving and receiving help. In so, we are empowering ourselves to help others.

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