Friday, 27 September 2013

Three steps to becoming a good catechist: Starting afresh from Christ - Pope Francis

"Preach the Gospel always and, if necessary, with the words." The words are ... but before the testimony: that people see in our lives the Gospel, can read the Gospel. And "being" asks catechists love, love harder and harder to Christ, the love of his holy people. And this love can not be bought in stores, do not buy even here in Rome. This love comes from Christ! It 'a gift of Christ! It 'a gift of Christ! And if it comes from Christ begins with Christ and we must start afresh from Christ, through the love that He gives us, What does this meanstarting afresh from Christ for the catechists, for you, for me, since I have a catechist? What does this mean?

1. avere familiarità con Lui - To start afresh from Christ means to be familiar with Him
2. imitarlo nell’uscire da sé e andare incontro all’altro - To start afresh from Christ means to imitate him in going to meet the other
3. non aver paura di andare con Lui nelle periferie. - To start afresh from Christ means to not be afraid to go with Him to the outskirts.

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