Saturday, 27 April 2013

10 CONVICTIONS of the interior life for Active Catholics - Dom J.B. Chautard, O.C.R.

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To help those on retreat to strengthen those dispositions which are absolutely necessary for the interior life that will make Catholic Action get results:


1. Zeal will only get results in so far as it is united to the action of Christ Himself.

2. Christ does all the work; we are only his instruments.

3. Our Lord does not give His blessing to any enterprise in which men place trust in human means alone.

4. He does not give His blessing to enterprises that are kept going solely by natural activity.

5. Jesus does not give His blessing to an enterprise in which self-love is working in the place of divine love (Fr. Desurmont, C.SS.R)

6. Woe to the man who refuses to do the work to which he is called by God!

7. Woe to the man who worms his way into an enterprise without finding out what God wills for him!

8. Woe to the man who, in his work, wants to run things without really depending on God!

9. Woe to the man who lives an active life without taking steps to preserve or to regain the interior life!

10. Woe to the man who does not know how to make the interior life and the active life harmonize, so that neither suffers from the other.

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