Thursday, 14 March 2013


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Evernote is a software that is used to manage notes. It is like having an almost infinite number of notebooks and bookmarks on your computer. Because it is on your computer, as well as backed up online, you can search for specific information in seconds and not worry about losing it.

There are a few notable features you will like:

1. Type in search words and find all notes containing those words
2. Can upload 60 MB data per month on the free version
3. Can insert pictures, audio recordings, and video clips into a note
4. Uploading .pdf files makes them readable in Evernote
5. Some modern document scanners can scan directly to evernote
6. You can create an almost infinite number of notebooks for all your various topics of interest
7. Although your projects may be scattered, having them all in Evernote actually keeps them in one spot
8. Can be synced with Google Calendar via Powerbot (another software)

As a busy individual, with many ideas and responsibilities floating around in my head, it is extremely important to have information readily available. I have found Evernote to be useful in keeping scans and pictures of receipts and money transfers. I have also found Evernote to be useful in keeping track of my creative, scientific and literary ideas, so I may return to them later, in case more pressing matters need to be dealt with.

If you think it may help, download the free version!

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