Saturday, 6 October 2012

Introduction - Book Summaries

Welcome to the Book Summaries section of Catholic Self-Help!

Here, we do what we say: Summarize the key lessons from what we deem as important books that will guide you in your life in Christ.

We are all busy people. Catholics, because of our various responsibilities, duties, and our moral obligation to uphold them and be excellent in them, we should be particularly busy. Don't just say you are busy... you should be genuinely BUSY! Therefore, my hope is that by summarizing important books, I can save you some time in reading an entire book, in case you are not planning on reading the entire work.

If you are planning to read an entire book, you can use the Book Summaries posts as "the gist" of the book you want to read. I hopefully won't give it away!

I also attach a cover photo and the link to purchasing it on Amazon.

Don't just read, DO!

Thank you,

Matthew S. MacLennan
Catholic Self-Help

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  1. book summaries with the Best-Read Man in America – My idea of the best sort of shopping trip.